Same Proud History. Same Strong Commitment. Bold New Look.

Matthew CF Keenan I see there is a difference of opinion regarding the agent orange medal. I understand both positions because I have friends that were killed in action and wounded in action given purple hearts, friends who died before reaching age 70 due to agent orange illnesses, friends who continue to suffer from effects of agent orange, spouses and families who suffer from loss of their husband and or father, and I have a 100% disability rating due to agent orange exposure. The agent orange situation has been publicly swept under the rug. The agent orange medal for me is not just recognition of the entire agent orange brotherhood, but a form of spreading public awareness of a tragic situation. It is important to remember that those Vietnam Vets who were killed or wounded in action deserve all due attention and continued recognition for their valor and service. Likewise, the Agent Orange Vietnam Veterans were injured by the friendly fire from the most toxic chemical created by mankind. In a real sense, the Agent Orange Veterans were silently and surreptitiously wounded, suffer and killed “After Action”. Of course, it lacks the shock of the immediacy of being shot or killed on the battlefield. But, the “After Action” agent orange effects of “In Action” service crept up slowly and silently causing much suffering and death. Consequently, I feel a sense of moral equivalency for those wounded or killed in action with those agent orange vets who suffer and die from “After Action” consequences of their “In Action” service. We are all brothers and sisters on or off the battlefield. Blessings for all. May the Agent Orange medal bring comfort and solace to the Veteran, the spouces and children of the Vietnam Veterans with an opportunity to spread awareness so this tragedy never happens again.


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